The American College has an impressive and well maintained campus with all the facilities needed to create an environment that is truly academic and conducive to purposeful learning. Located in a beauti- ful residential area and commercial part of Lahore, the campus sprawls over an area measuring over six canals situated in the heart of the Gulberg city.
The Academic Block includes six lecture rooms plus an auditorium and a Library. The Lecture rooms are fully equipped with the state of the art teaching tools and there are numerous classrooms suitable for smaller classes, and scientific laboratories.
A huge hall is dedicated to the department of Mass Communication, Computer studies/Information Tech- nology.
The college is now in the advanced stages of acquiring a new facility. We will be shifting to house: Sci- ence, Engineering, and the Law disciplines including the presently working Departments of Business Management and of Social Sciences which will be inaugurated in Fall 2009. A second new building will be a modern state-of-the-art science building for the Departments of Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Physics and Computer Studies/Information Technology. This will be ready for occupancy by Fall 2010.
The Canteen offers a setting for students to relax between classes. Basketball court, Badminton and Table Tennis facilities are also located in the college campus as are the offices of the Health & Physical Education Department.
The college has 2 large recreational and sports grounds adjacent to the campus that includes facilities for cricket, football, and hockey plus a running track.
Learning is not restricted to the classrooms, and many of the most important lessons learned during the college years are learned through participation in co-curricular and sports programs. ACIA offers a great variety of programs that provide opportunities for students to participate in activities that contribute to their learning and enjoyment.
Learning is also encouraged through real life experiences where students are given the opportunity to travel within the country 4 times a year to the Northern and southern areas as well as the USA and Europe for furthering their knowledge of International cultures and heritages and respect for other nations.

Co-curricular Activities

ACIA is committed to providing a holistic education. Classroom learning is supplemented by opportunities for students’ intellectual and moral growth through carefully planned literary and academic activities and programs. A Cultural Events Society coordinates and promotes activities of all the existing student societies, and nearly every academic department has a student society.
Thus, there are different Student Academic Societies. Each society plans and conducts programs during the year that enrich the learning experiences of students and provide opportunities for student leadership.
The Debating Society participates in frequent debates and declamation contests. The skills acquired through the debate programs are exceedingly helpful in many different careers in later life.
The Drama Society produces at least two major productions each year. In some cases the plays are original plays written by members of the faculty or student body; whereas most plays are those written by major play writers. The drama society produces plays in both English and Urdu.
The Music Society teaches and sponsors several programs each year, and provides a setting for students to develop and display their musical talent.

Residential Life

Students who come from outside of Lahore are provided the opportunity to live in student hostels in arranged houses. The hostel provides students with facilities for healthy and comfortable living, together with a common room in each hostel for recreation. Meals are served at fixed times in the dining hall Hostel has two faculty mem- bers, a Warden and an Assistant Warden, who live in the hostel and provide supervision to the quality of student life.


Student-faculty-staff social interaction in a more relaxed setting takes place in the Canteen. The faculty is avail- able to assist students outside the class, and the Canteen is often the appropriate setting for this interaction. More typically, it is simply a place for students to go for lunch or for snacks between classes.
Religious Life ACIA is a non-racist college, we are concerned with teaching values and building strong positive char- acter traits and discipline in our students. For all the students we offer relaxations and opportunities for them to follow their own beliefs and religion. A variety of classes together with symposia/ discussions wherein eminent Muslim, Christian and other scholars are invited to deliver talks and/or to engage students in discussions on important religious, social and moral issues.

ACIA has a College Sports Board that organizes, promotes and conducts games. The college features a very active intramural sports program with competition in athletics, basketball, cricket, football, hock- ey, table tennis, lawn tennis and swimming.
Participation in the Inter-collegiate competitions in many of these sports are part of the sports pro- gram.

Health Services

The college operates a small dispensary , and has on-going relationship with the nearby Fazal Cardiac Hospital for cases that require specialized attention.

College Discipline

All students are expected to act with dignity and self-respect, to be honest and considerate and to be well-behaved and courteous. Students must observe strict disciplinary standards. The decision of the Principal in all disciplinary matters shall be final and legally binding on all students. The ACIA Student Council will maintain discipline, enforce rules of good conduct and take disciplinary action against students wherever required. Students are required to observe rules / regulations governing their studies (both theory & practical) as may be made from time to time. Students are expected to attend every lecture and laboratory session of classes in which they are enrolled. Acts of dishonesty and cheating specially during examinations are strictly prohibited. Students are required to abstain from undesirable behavior that poses a threat to any fellow student, faculty or staff member or any other person working as an employee of the college. Behavior that disrupts the normal flow of academic work or co-curricular activities is prohibited. Destruction, defacement or damage caused to college property shall be severely dealt with. Following are strictly forbidden at the college campus:- - Possession, use or consumption of alcoholic beverages. - Hard liquor or drugs. - Weapons of any kind - Cigarette smoking within the college premises.

Dress Code

College Students Men Women Dress shirt (or t-shirts) Shalwar Kamiz (half or full sleeves) Dress pants (or jeans) Sweater/cardigan Dress shoes (or joggers) Blazer Leather Belt Dress Shoes/Sandals Blazer and/or V-neck Western Attire All students must carry their Identity Cards when they are at the college, and produce the Identity Card on demand. Students are required to park their vehicles only at the designated parking places.
The Student Handbook outlines these policies more fully and discusses the penalties for viola- tion of these college disciplinary rules.

Medium of Instruction

At ACIA the medium of instruction is English. Students entering the baccalaureate program with defi- ciencies in English Language skills will be required to enroll in 1 -4 English Language Courses designed to help such students succeed.
The 2-year BA/BBA program is based on 6 semesters (inclusive of the summer semester) with the com- pletion of 93 credit hours for 31 courses taken for the entire period of study.

This entitles a student to take a minimum of 5 courses each semester. This is Designed specially for transfer students from other colleges who have completed the 1st two years.


The American School of International Academics Lahore Pakistan Affiliated/Accredited /Chartered By the American Commissions& WFA.

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